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May 21, 2008

Sex, A Dirty Little RECAP

Sex_2RECAP!!!  From our day dedicated to SEX.

Honestly? I feel like a dirty little girl right now...sneaking porn from the book store racks and reading stories about your private sex lives. Pregnant sex is better or is sex after the kiddos? Or, apparently sex stinks after kids?

Whatever the case, each of us moms (and dad) has an opinion on sex. Each of us has loved, learned, and some of us have lost. Because, fortunately and unfortunately, that is how it happens. The best thing about sex though, no matter how one looks at it, is the love we share when we are in committed relationships.

So, wrap your arms tight around your little ones and your lovers tonight and be thankful for what you have together and what you make together.

Stephanie (aka. Lawyer Mama) started us all off with her fabulous intro post that got us...well... blogging about sex!

Here is what our contributors had to share!

Silicon Valley Moms

  • We started the day a little risky with some Tantric Sex from David, our new male writer from Silicon Valley. Leave it to the guy to throw everyone for a loop, eh?
  • A Love Letter (to Elmo) from Robyn.
  • Getting Over Sexual Issues by Lia puts Date Rape in the spot light.
  • All About Breasts: Ana asks a simple question...are you happy with yours?

Chicago Moms Blog

  • Wham, bam, thank you ma'am, an ode to a mattress by the ever so talented Kim Moldofsky.
  • Farrah from BabyLove Slings writes about sleeping instead of sexin' it up in Sometimes you would rather have the sleep
  • Marcie Pickelsimer shares her blogging rules including her reasons why she doesn't talk about sex in I Don't Talk About Sex
  • In Sex Ed, Then and Now,  Cindy contemplates the differences between generations and how sex has changed so much in the last 20 years.
  • Did you know sex after kids can be even better? Tracey does (and so does her hubby!) Lovin it more now, than ever
  • Or, is Pregnant sex the best sex? Alma believes so...
  • Ah, and controversial sex can be the most interesting...Extra-marital Sex (after Kids) may just peak Oprah's ears this month. Stay true to who you are girl!

DC Metro Moms Blog

  • Jessica is feelin' Sexy in the Bathroom
  • How many is too many? The (Low) Number by Sandie
  • Julie is out to Blame Barbie for infertility.
  • Victoria explains why keeping That Dirty Degree is essential even after childbirth.
  • Amie wants pizza or to be a 17 year old boy...I can't figure it out. Read Mad, Passionate, Wild Sex -- Oh, the Memories so you can decide.
  • Is it bad when kids ask, Mommy, What's a Condom? Robin found out!

New York City Moms Blog

  • Let's Talk About Sex, Baby...because everybody's doin' it. Alexandra tells her 3 month old about sex...I think she might be ready, don't you?
  • Sex After Kids is like Having Sex with the Flu. Contrary to Tracey's view, Vicki is sooo not into it.
  • Who's you daddy? Cynthia wants to know if your spouse calls you Mommy.
  • Just Do It AKA...where did the Magic GO? by Kelcey Kintner
  • And so it begins...Amy gets questioned about Sex.
  • Karen Dreams of Johnny.

50 Something Moms Blog

  • Viva Viagra and all things over 50? Lollie discusses her daughter AND her parents.

New Jersey Moms Blog

  • Rox explains how Real Estate: (is) The New Sex
  • Cats vs. Chickens: explaining sex to your children. Our moms did it great, right? Can Monica do it just as well?
  • Gender Bender: Lynette explains Male and Female parts.
  • Lois writes about The Ups and Downs of Being a Mom
  • Vanessa is already Dreaming of a Second Honeymoon

Deep South Moms Blog


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