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May 16, 2008

With the Death Toll Mounting, I Try to Pay Down Survivor's Guilt

Motherandchildin_burma...cross posted from our sister site, Chicago Moms Blog.

I have all kinds of cute things I'd like to write about today -- how 4-year-old Nutmeg stayed in her own bed ALL NIGHT and credits the help of her (now!) three bedmates, Genevieve the Friendly Ghost, Alphabadouble-u the Cat, and Pumpkin the Cornsnake. How Nutmeg now fearlessly jumps into the pool at swimming lessons and bobs right back up again, and, oh yes, 15-month-old Pebbles' ascent to the ponderous weight of 17.5 pounds. And how dyeing my hair blue was fun and easy and actually led to me getting carded when buying beer at Dominick's yesterday. Yes, you, the lady with the kid in the plastic truck on the front of your cart, struggling with the toddler over your coupons. Let's see some ID, because no one mature enough to buy beer would have pigtails tinted After Curfew Blue.

(Note to checker: Thank you, thank you for mistaking my midlife crisis for bona fide youth!)

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