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June 20, 2008

I Saved Date Night

....cross posted from our sister site, New Jersey Moms Blog.

J0438386 Date night is not a regular thing around here. What can I say? We’ve tried, but it is hit or miss. Usually date night happens because: A) I am desperate to get out alone with my husband and avoid our daughter’s dinner-bath-bedtime trifecta; B) There is a special occasion (like an anniversary) that demands attention; C) the opportunity suddenly presents itself (i.e., grandma wants to take the kid somewhere).

The one constant? I’m the one who makes it happen. And, while it’s true that I have control issues and publicly relish my role as High Commander of the Family Calendar, I would still like to be swept off my feet once in awhile. Or maybe just have my husband be the one to call the babysitter

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