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June 04, 2008

Will Wii actually get Fit?

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Caption: Me in a sari and a friend at an event, two years ago (pre-baby). You can't tell from the photo, but the back definitely bares quite a bit of stomach flesh.

A few days ago my mother called, stressed out that I wouldn't lose the thirty extra pounds of pregnancy weight in time for my little sister's wedding this October. I'm a matron of honor, you see, which means I'll be in the wedding photos, wearing a sari. A sari is lovely and elegant, especially if you are tall and slim. But it is not a forgiving piece of clothing. It actually bares your stomach!!! At a formal event!!! For photos!!! My mom suggested that maybe if I couldn't get up off my ass and exercise myself, it might be time to hire a personal trainer. (My mom would never actually use the word 'ass,' but you get the gist.) For four months, once a week, that'd be about $250/month, or $1000. The family might even spring for it out of the wedding budget if necessary.

Okay, so that was embarrassing. I don't think I could stand to tell my little sister that she can't have flowers at her wedding because her big sister just couldn't seem to get her ass in gear. So a renewed commitment to exercise. I'm still very conflicted on the whole dieting idea, but a regular amount of daily exercise and a more active lifestyle is pretty clearly a greater good. Even if I don't lose.....

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