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August 10, 2008

How To Save Your Marriage

... cross posted from our sister site, Chicago Moms Blog.
Because my partner/husband/dog walker suffered a devastating episode of Depression some years ago - almost tanking our marriage. I wrote about it, madly, at the time. So it's not too surprising that I get a lot of hits on my blog from search strings like "how does relationship survive?" and "I don't want a divorce."

It breaks my heart, sometimes. I know the economy is driving up depressions and pressures on relationships. I want to crawl through the wires and just hold them tight. Whoever 'them' is, wherever 'them' may be. I'm listening, and I'm pulling for you.

The best I can do is offer the wisdom that worked for us. When one of us was utterly incapacitated in so many ways (him) and the other one of us was doing the work of two people (me), we were lucky enough to have bright, kind, generous people (including a divorce lawyer) who took the time to help us make it.

This is what worked for us. And, still does.

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