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August 06, 2008

When Mother Nature Grounds Us


... cross posted from our sister site, Chicago Moms Blog.

Like most people we were astonished to hear tornado sirens (for the first time) Monday. Michelle, our neighbor who watched the house, stopped by to catch up and our mouths dropped when we heard the deep trumpeting sound. Uh, I guess we'll head to the basement now. We agreed to text when we got there with the kids.

As soon as we reached the last step we understood that the sound of rushing water wasn't just outside, it was in the basement! The soaked walls sprung leaks like fountains as Andy and I scooted all the goodies for my yard sale to dry areas. Meanwhile the kids used our emergency flashlights to create a strobe light effect in the dark dungeon. This gives new meaning to Panic at the Disco!

Leave it to my little one to add a little light hearted humor to the situation. As we all tried to avoid the newly forming rivers beneath our feet, Chaz just navigated back and forth with the blue cooler calmly. When Jack asked him what he was doing, he simply replied "I just came back from the harbor." What? The courses of pure laughter settled our nerves and put things into perspective. Despite the flurry of activity, we were all safe and stuff is just stuff, right?

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