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December 15, 2008

Topic Day - Blogging For A Cause

Hands Many of us have been blogging about the economy, our country, politics, wars and raising a family in these uncertain times. It seems that with the world being in such turmoil, we all seem to be in some kind of funk. Then December 2008 finally arrives, and many of us can't seem to put our heart and soul in to celebrating the holiday season.  So we made a decision at Silicon Valley Moms Group to dedicate a day to community outreach and bring a voice and awareness to charities, non profits and organizations doing such important work for those in need.

Today, bloggers from the Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, Chicago, D.C. Metro, Deep South, New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Rocky Mountain, and 50 Something Moms blogs will be writing about giving back, community outreach and charities.

Please join us throughout the day as new posts go up about these important groups and organizations.... doing so much good for those less fortunate and in need.  Isn't this what the holiday season is all about? Giving Back.


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