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May 13, 2009

Should Moms Pose Nude?

Partridge family Until yesterday, this really was not a topic that I ever thought much about. Then I heard that Shirley Jones, aka Shirley Partridge, wants to pose nude in Playboy magazine. Like everyone else, my first thought went to her age. She is 75. But I knew that really wasn't my real concern. I loved the Partridge Family growing up and had the biggest crush on David Cassidy, aka, Keith Partridge. Shirley is his TV mom and his real-life step mom.

Okay, my crush is long gone and the fictional Partridge family really doesn't matter. But Shirley Jones is still a real life mother to both Shaun and Patrick Cassidy in addition to her stepson. Whether you are a current mom or ever plan to become a mom, I just don't understand how you could allow nude pictures of yourself to be made public. The same goes with appearing nude in movies.

I am not a prude. But when it comes to family, all the rules change. I can't even imagine what it would do to my teenage sons if I did something like that. If they read this post they will probably be mortified that I am even writing about nudity. Kids of any age, even adults, do not want to see their mothers as sexual beings, and certainly don't want anyone seeing her naked. Just think how grossed out kids get when they think about their own parents having sex.

It also always amazes me how many women have had nude photos taken of them in their past that become public as soon as these women start to gain any public recognition. Right now it is Miss California, Carrie Prejean's turn. How many other beauty pagent and American Idol contestants has this already happened to. Now granted most of these women are single and childless, but I imagine many of them plan on having children one day. The embarrassment that their children will one day feel will not be diminished by time.

I look up to the actresses that have the guts to refuse to undress for a role. Julia Roberts and Sarah Jessica Parker have nudity clauses in all their contracts and they did this even before they became moms. I would bet that they are even happier that they did this now. And back to Shirley Jones, my theory is that her and her husband, Marty Ingels, staged the Playboy offer for publicity, knowing that Playboy wouldn't agree. What do you think?


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