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May 26, 2009

Topic Day: Children of the Recession

Spare change Last week, Katie Couric  wrote a moving piece for our sister NYC Moms Blog site about the Children of the Recession and spoke to twenty five SV Moms Group bloggers about this series. The piece mirrored a series, CBS Reports Children of the Recession.  In her post, Ms. Couric shared some shocking statistics:

The poll found that 56% of parents surveyed have discussed the economy with their kids, and half of all parents have discussed their own family’s financial situation. These conversations can be very uncomfortable, particularly if a parent has lost a job or is struggling to pay the bills.

Another poll statistic I found interesting concerned diet. 21% of parents said they are now buying generic brands and less expensive food items for their children.

There’s nothing wrong with store brands or generic brands. I do worry, though, that by “less expensive,” some people are pushed into choices that may not be as healthy, like fast food & meals, that could have a long-lasting impact on children, as well.

Ms. Couric then went on to ask how the recession is affecting our families and our children.  So today, the writers from all of our sites are blogging about just that: how is the economy affecting our families.  How are our own "children of the recession" doing?

Join us here and at all of our sister sites throughout the day to see what we have to say. 

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Tonight and tomorrow morning we'll also have a round up post sharing all of our blogs on the topic.

This is an original post.  Stephanie also posts at her personal blog, Lawyer Mama, and at a kick ass political blog, MOMocrats.