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July 29, 2009

When the Kids Grow Up: the Privilege of Parenting Grown-Ups

Harry Potter My London son posted this on his Facebook page.  It has been grey and rainy here in London but this is also very funny and I thought you'd like it:

In a surprise move J.K. Rowling announced a new Harry Potter book titled: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of a deathly summer. In the book Harry will team up with his new buddy Tintin to determine what the f**k happened to the summer in England. Ms. Rowling said the return of Harry was brought about in order to recoup some of the losses she suffered with Bernie Madoff. However the book is already drawing criticism...

Maybe if you don't come from a family of Harry Potter maniacs who are also news hounds it won't mean quite as much, but for us, it's a riot.  "And that", as Carrie Bradshaw used to say, "got me thinking."  How amazing are the joys of having adult children.  

Of course you don't get to see them enough.  And you have to keep your advice to yourself unless you're asked - at least twice.  But the experience of watching them be productive and loving and funny - as grown-ups - that's just amazing.  When they're little you never imagine such a thing; you're happy if they finish their homework and learn to deal with the monsters under the bed.  The idea of them dealing with a team they supervise, or promoting something they've created or making red wine reductions or being great brothers orgetting marriedfor God's sake -- well that's out of the range of one's imagination.  

This funny little Facebook post set all this off not because it's so different - both boys have always been able to make me laugh - but because it's not.  It's another moment - another gift - part of the privilege of having children, raising them and discovering all over again, once they're pretty much grown, what remarkable people they are.

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