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August 13, 2009

Computers Have Indeed Changed the Lives of Stay-at-Home Moms

Mail-6 I was originally going to call this post "Things have indeed changed since I was a stay-at-home mom", however I didn't like the connotation that brought to mind. You would all be expecting stories of how I had to walk 20 miles in the snow to get milk for my kids. I'm happy to say that when I was home with my young kids, we basically had all the modern conveniences that mom's have now, except for one very important one, the Internet.

Do moms of young kids today realize all the benefits they get just by having this one invention in their homes. I actually did get my first PC when my kids were 6 and 3, yet the World Wide Web was a mere infant. The benefits that I am speaking of did not yet exist.

The benefits that the Internet brings to stay-at-home moms with young children are:

1. It makes it much easier to work from home. Before computers and the Internet, you had to be very creative to find work to do this. Not wanting to leave my kids, I sold tupperware for a year, taught a CPA review class that only met occassionally at night after my husband was home and then bought into a computer school franchise where I had an office in my home to take care of the business and hired teachers to teach on the outside. Most of my friends waited until their kids were in school.

2. The ability to have communication and social interactions with other adults at all times is priceless. I loved being home with my kids, but I needed to see friends on a regular basis also. Trying to work play groups around varying nap times wasn't always easy but we all looked so forward to those few hours each week. I once drove in a snowstorm so as not to miss one, and I hate driving in snow.

3. I would have given anything to be able to shop online and not have to drag my kids to stores with me. All I could ever do was order in pizza or Chinese food for dinner and buy somes clothes through catalogs. Now, there is almost nothing that can't be ordered online.

4. Being able to blog when stuck at home must be such a relief. I took up blogging when my sons were almost out of the house. It never occurred to me to consider writing before because to write meant books, newspapers or magazines and I couldn't imagine ever writing anything worth publishing so I didn't try. Starting my own blog gave me an outlet to say what I wanted, when I wanted. I'm sorry that I began as late as I did.

Because I didn't know what I was missing, I had no idea that things could be better and I was very happy back when my kids were little. One nice thing about not having the Internet was that I did socialize in person much more than I would have. I made some great friendships and so did my kids. Although I do think that today's young moms are lucky to have access to the Internet, I don't regret anything about my years at home with my kids.

Original 50-something Moms Blog Post by Jennifer Wagner who also writes at the New York Examiner and Connect with your Teens through Pop Culture and Technology