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August 12, 2009

Moms, Celebrities and Twitter: the Video

Who's Following You on Twitter? @ Yahoo! Video

Cross posted from our sister blog, Silicon Valley Moms Blog.

It seems more then ever moms are using Twitter to share what they are doing and see what their friends are up to. Twitter is a service that allows people to share "what they are doing" in 140 characters, which keeps people brief. And if that is not enough, moms are sharing their pictures on Twitter using Twitpic and their stories on .  Twitter adds to the list of the online social networking and blogging activities moms are doing during the short amount of time they have to themselves. But a guilty pleasure has also developed among many moms who follow Twitter: . Following celebrities on Twitter and Twitpic gives me a chance to catch a glimpse of what they are up to on a daily basis. For example, I can view a picture of Demi Moore shoe shopping or see a glamorous dress she is wearing while I (unglamorously) fold laundry. I can also get a good laugh reading Twitter jokes by Heather McDonald, Chelsea Lately show and Jimmy Fallon. I can even follow a verified Twitter account for Barack Obama.

Jane Maynard from This Week for Dinner was a late-comer to Twitter and is still building up her celebrity list of followers (current tally is somewhere around zero). She shared this Twitter story with me:

"The highlight of my Twitter career thus far was when started following me. Yes, THAT Hugh Grant...Actor/Writer/Producer/baked bean thrower. Okay, so maybe it wasn't really Hugh (who has since disappeared from Tweetland), but if Santa Claus is a follower, why can't Hugh Grant be one to? And, in case you're wondering, I did NOT follow Mr. Grant back."

I was thrilled to learn two of my favorite celebrities Jane Fonda and Katie Couric are not only blogging, but are on Twitter. After I followed Jane Fonda and Katie Couric I received a big surprise when they followed me back. It is this type of interaction that makes Twitter so addicting. Jane Maynard and I also share a fascination with looking at pictures posted on Twitter.

This Twitpic by Ashton Kutcher inspired Jane to do her own version.


I think that my bathtub Twitpic is more fun then Katie Perry's, even though she is wearing only a pizza and I am wearing full swim gear. My picture can also be called "work at home moms only quiet place to work" (bathtub).


Enjoy "A Byte Out of Life" series where Jane Maynard and I openly discuss our Twitter obsession, including a what this Twitpic of Ashton Kutcher inspired us to do.

Original Silicon Valley Moms Blog post. Beth Blecherman is a Co-Founder of the Silicon Valley Moms Group, Founder of a Tech/Parenting blog called "TechMamas.com" and a self confessed Twitter addict.

The other Twitter obsessed mom in the video is Jane Maynard. Jane Maynard blogs at Silicon Valley Moms Blog and This Week for Dinner, where she cooks, eats and takes pretty pictures of food.