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August 19, 2009

The Silicon Valley Moms Group Healthcare Town Hall Recap

Medicine These days, the topic on everyone's mind is healthcare.  You can't turn on the television, listen to the radio or pick up the newspaper without hearing of the latest "town hall" meeting or a new debate about healthcare reform in Washington, DC. Quite frankly, it is EXHAUSTING and CONFUSING!  On August 18-19, 2009, Silicon Valley Moms Group contributors added their voices to the fray.  Through written and video blogging, we shared our stories and opinions on this important topic. 

Here are the links to all the posts, and the wide variety of viewpoints they represented:

Silicon Valley Moms:

Chicago Moms

  • Kim:
  • Jeanie:
  • Melanie Myatt:
  • Miss Lori Asks for Help -
  • Shannon Capanna:
  • Angela Allyn:
  • Susan:

DC Metro Moms

  • Sandie: My Mother's Story
  • Sue: Healthcare Reform and Children with Chronic Conditions
  • Jessica C. :Let Patients Get the Full Picture
  • Jill Berry: My Healthcare Experience as a Foreign Student
  • Amy Adams: Healthcare Reform is NOT a Race
  • Michelle: What About the Children?
  • De: We're Lucky We're Insured, But...
  • Linda Kerr: Agree on All Points, Unsure of Direction
  • Aimee Olivo: I Believe We Need Healthcare Reform Now
  • KC: A Doctor in Support of Healthcare Reform
  • Andrea Meyers: How Free Healthcare in Australia Saved Me
  • Jim: Thoughts on Healthcare from a Federal Employee

New York City Moms

New Jersey Moms

  • c2mom:
  • Lori Landau:
  • Mary Kate:
  • Vanessa Druckman:
  • MT:
  • Amber Watson-Tardiff:

50-Something Moms

Deep South Moms

Los Angeles Moms

  • Elizabeth Peterson:I Say No to Socialized Healthcare
  • Florinda Pendley-Vasquez: Healthcare: Other People's Decisions
  • Donna: What's So Scary about Socialized Medicine?
  • April McCaffery: There is No There There
  • Sarah Auerswald: Remote Area Medical: Los Angeles Heroes!

Canada Moms Blog

Philadelphia Moms

  • Cecily:
  • Sarah:

Rocky Mountain Moms