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August 03, 2009

Is Separating Twins Really the Answer?

Cross posted from our sister site, Silicon Valley Moms Blog.

Is Separating Twins Really the Answer? @ Yahoo! Video

When you think of young twins, you might think of double blessings, double strollers and double adorable trouble. In the early days, you might outfit your twins in matching or coordinating ensembles. You might dress them in onesies with cute little sayings such as Twin A/Twin B or Copy/Paste. You might push them about town in a Snap n Go stroller while strangers coo, "Oh, look at that, twins!"

Life is an exhausting sweetness.

When your multiples club hosts a kindergarten readiness seminar, the talk turns to the issue of whether or not to place twins in separate classrooms when they enter kindergarten. Most of the parents in attendance shake their heads at the idea. Kindergarten seems worlds away when you're still dealing with potty training and shopping around for preschools. No, you say, I can't see the need to separate my children, but I will deal with it when the time comes.

As your twins grow into preschoolers, you might notice your twins developing divergent interests and separate groups of friends. You might notice your look-alike identical twins growing weary of the constant question, "Which one are you again?" Or maybe you might notice your twins sticking together like glue, moving through life as a pair.

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