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August 18, 2009

Virtual Town Meeting: Mom Bloggers on Healthcare - Silicon Valley Moms Group Topic Days. August 18-19, 2009

These days, the topic on everyone's mind is healthcare.  You can't turn on the television, listen to the radio or pick up the newspaper without hearing of the latest "town hall" meeting or a new debate about healthcare reform in Washington, DC. Quite frankly, it is EXHAUSTING and CONFUSING!  On August 18-19, 2009, Silicon Valley Moms Group contributors will add our voices to the fray.  Through written and video blogging, we are sharing our stories and opinions on this important topic.  Please join Silicon Valley, Chicago, DC Metro, New York City, New Jersey, , Deep South, Rocky Mountain, Los Angeles, and 50-Something Mom Blogs as we host our own virtual town meeting on healthcare.  Let's hope they hear us on Capitol Hill.