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November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving-Sized Hug


Today I spent the day running around doing pre-Thanksgiving shopping. I was at the third market of the day, lost in my own head, when I bumped into a dear friend in the parking lot. She got out of her car and gave me a big smile and the most sincere hug.
It was a hug with history! Lined up behind that hug were years of sharing. We have known each other since our daughters were babies. Wrapped up in that hug were nannies, carpooling, parenting advice, sick parents, school plays, college acceptances, broken hearts and first loves. 

Twenty years of laughter and tears hung between us as we chatted. Though we talked of the usual things when I looked in her eyes I saw a flashback of all we have gone through together. As I drove away with the promise of making plans I thought about what I have here. And what amazing friendships I have been fortunate to build. 

I was always so flippant in saying that I would move 'when the kids are grown'. My sights have been set on going back to the city where I feel more comfortable. Yet sharing a moment like this with a friend made me realize that maybe the roots grew deeper than I care to admit. The community within which I live has that rare combination of sophistication and small town charm. People jump into action in times of crisis and there is never a shortage of friends to celebrate the milestones with.

This turning 50 thing is really not all that bad. I have a tendency to stop and look at what I have built more often. The frenzied years of raising young children while continuing a career made it hard to stay in the moment. The moments are easier to savor now. 

So thank you to my friend for shaking loose these thoughts and making this holiday an even more meaningful one than usual.

That was some hug!

Original 50-something Moms Blog post. Amy Zimmerman also blogs at i could cry but i don't have time and leaving the zip code.


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