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January 01, 2010

The Shirt Off Her Back

Hot Ok, 50-something women, a show of hands. Who would even think of wearing a cashmere anything these days, let alone a cowl neck sweater? 

That's what I thought; absolutely out of the question.

We spent this New Year's Eve with our dear friends, as we always do. A quiet evening of a movie and dinner at a favorite local restaurant, and then a drop by at special party on the way home. All within the zip code and all spent with people who are very special to us. No Time Square ball dropping, no bespangled city events. We like to keep it real and keep it local. True friendship trumps glamour anyday.

As we walked into the movie theater, I spotted my girlfriend waiting for us with the tickets. To my surprise, she was wearing a (very lovely) black cashmere cowl neck sweater. She looked quite nice but all I could think of was, dear Lord if I had to wear that I would be ripping my skin off right now. I pictured myself stripping like a madwoman running for the bathroom to splash cold water on the back of my neck.

Oh, the joys of life changes!
I did not dare say a word for fear of the power of suggestion. Off we went to our seats and within 5 minutes she leaned over to me and said, "Is it very hot in here?" Uh, oh, I thought, this is going to end badly. To add insult to injury the theater was unusually warm. Our other friend showed up and the first thing she said was, "Wow, it's hot in this theater, right?" I tried to give her the hi sign that we had a cashmere 911 going on here but she only laughed. Within a few more minutes we decided this was the last time that damn sweater was going to see the light of day on her body. She made it through the movie – barely – with a lot of fanning and sighing. 

Off to the restaurant, and you guessed it; another hot as hell venue. At this point, and with a glass of Chardonnay in hand, she was crossing over to be more than just uncomfortable. That is when our other friend said, "Listen, I am wearing plenty of layers, take one of my tank tops, please!" "No, no, I couldn't", she protested. But that did not last long. A trip to the bathroom and she was a new woman for the rest of the meal. And I might add the older gentleman at the next table was quite thrilled at the sight of friend number 2 starting to undress at the table. We thought of it as a community service bonus.

In my estimation that act was the true meaning of friendship. Without hesitation she gave her the shirt right off her back! Just another example of how throughout life, we always need our girls.

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