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February 12, 2010

Snow Shoveling Like a Virgo

Virgo Seventeen years ago I labored through my birthday. I was fairly convinced I would be sharing the rest of my birthdays with the little guy, but somewhere after midnight I gave birth to my younger child. I suppose he was destined to not share the day. However, being born in mid-September we do share an astrological sign, we are both Virgos. I am not all that hooked into astrology, but the core description of our sign is too on target to ignore: 

"The Virgo personality is a complex mix of intelligence, common sense, attention to detail, and commitment." 

In some ways that might be an understatement. We both have an over-active detail gene and neither one of us will ever say die. 

Fast forward to the big snow storm this week on the east coast. There we stood, head to head in the driveway; obsessively shoveling every few hours to keep up with the eighteen-inch dumping we received. But we couldn't shovel simply to clear the snow. Oh no, these two crazy Virgos went nuts on that white stuff. I am crazy about having nice, neat edges. And he? Well, he scrapes away with that shovel and does not stop till he sees pavement. There will be no black ice on his watch.
When we came inside after round two of shoveling I posted this on my facebook status:

FOR THE RECORD: my son went out to shovel without being asked!! You should have seen the 2 of us out there. 2 virgos shoveling, brings OCD to new heights. Too bad it started to snow again...

I had no idea when I posted that how funny it sounded. Nineteen comments later it struck me that maybe I was on to something. Amongst the requests to have the poor guy come and dig them out, there was one comment that cracked me up:

"Hey Amy, I never thought about one's astrological sign and the quality of the shoveling job. Next time the neighbors' kids ring our doorbell I'll investigate birth dates so as to be able to prepare for the type of job that will be done."

This got me to thinking, perhaps I could start a business and call it Astrological Shovelers. You would pay extra for the Virgos. 

Think about how great the T-shirts would be! 

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