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March 08, 2010

Ebooks for Students, Please!

Kindle When my kids were younger, I hated seeing them lug their heavy backpacks full of books to and from school. Once they were in college, I couldn't believe how expensive the books were. There is such a simple solution to both of these problems - ebooks.

There are so many benefits to students using ebook readers with electronic textbooks. Obviously a major benefit is that they would only have to carry this one item instead of books for every subject. And, the cost of the books would be reduced. However, those are not the only advantages of ebook use in school.

Ebook readers that have Internet access, which they all will have  eventually, will enable students to easily look up word definitions and research topics from the text with just a click of the mouse. With school age children growing up using computers, think how much better they might take to their studies if it is in the digital form they are used to.

Textbooks could be made to include hyperlinks to articles on the Internet. Learning would not be restricted to the pages of the book but would be enhanced by related content from other sources.

I have confidence that this change will happen eventually, however probably not as quickly as it should. Schools are notoriously slow with change and textbook authors may resist because the lowered price of ebooks will meaner lower royalties for them. Hopefully, by the time I have grandchildren in school, they won't still be lugging a backpack full of books.

Original 50-something Moms Blog Post by Jennifer Wagner who also writes at the New York Parenting Teens Examiner and Connect with your Teens through Pop Culture and Technology


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