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March 19, 2010

Mommy's March Madness

Basketball copy I am not going to pretend that I am one of these moms that is up to speed on college basketball. I have surely spent my share of hours on the side of the court when my kids played, and I understand the game (I am not that lame). However, by osmosis, I do sort of get caught up in the wave of March Madness living with my husband and kids. My daughter attends a Big 10 school and my son will be attending the very same school in the fall (yeh, I know, two in the same place – I will be in heaven). 

This week I went to lunch with a considerably younger client. Ok, her kids are 3 and 5 and she is pregnant and my kids are 17 and turning 21. Maybe she is a little more than considerably younger than I am. 

Nonetheless, she is a Syracuse grad and I don't believe you are allowed to enter the real world from that school without taking the oath to bleed orange for the rest of your life. She was all but bursting out of her maternity bra over the excitement of the impending college basketball frenzy.

Being the lovely and inclusive woman that she is, she works very hard at making her virtual team always feel as if we are part of her work family. We are invited to holiday parties, share in the kind of camaraderie you would with co-workers in an office and in turn, we have been invited to join in the March Madness office pool. Very nice, right?

I am embarrassed to say I am a little clueless and did not realize that March 18th is the first day of the said Madness, so I was taken off guard when I received an email at 11:38 today with the subject line: Give me your picks by noon! Damn! There was no way I was doing this without my 12th grade son's input – he would be furious. And my husband was in a meeting so I was pretty much screwed.
Till I wrote her back and said, "No worries, I will just text my son in class."

And she wrote back, "You are going to interrupt his studies to do your picks?!"

I, in turn, replied, "Is that bad?"

Her final response was priceless and proof that she knows me like a book. She said, "Ha, no way! I think it's funny. Assuming it might be the start of a blog post for ya …"

Ok, ok, don't get all crazy mommy on me out there, it's not like I would do this if he was not a second half of the year senior. C'mon, I am tired already. I have been doing the mom thing for 21 years, perhaps I am getting a little lax. And he was in his AP Stat class. Is this whole exercise of picking teams not a real life form of statistics? Seriously, I had the educational value locked up on this one.

Actually, he was just finishing class and was able to call me on the way to lunch. Nothing like the sound of the High School hallways in the background while I read off the teams and he gave me the rapid fire responses as if they were completely obvious. I suppose to him they were.

I am happy to announce that we got our picks in relatively on time and after the first round we did not do too bad. But more important, this was a moment between my son and I. Where the tables were turned and he pulled through for me in my time of need. 

Not a bad moment at all.

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