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March 14, 2010

Welcome to my World

Dr-marc-dussault-juggling-and-time-management Don't be jealous but I am married to the best husband and father in the world! Sure, some might disagree but I have to say that I have truly hit the jackpot when it comes to this man of mine. Over the last twenty-seven years of marriage, he has stepped up and risen to the occasion of spousal and parental greatness in my eyes. He has never shied away from a diaper change with any of our five children or our grandchild. He willingly steps in and shares with me this juggling act of orthodontist visits, shuttling one kid to tae kwon do en route to picking up another from after school tutoring to get home just in time to get a call from the other kid who has managed to lock her keys in her car...again...and so on and so on because that is what life raising five children at all ages and stages is about. He appreciates that, yes, doing the dishes can be foreplay...which might explain why my kitchen is so clean.

Yup! I'm the lucky one!

With the dump in the economy there has been a definite shift in roles here under the Big Top. While I try to add extra shifts in order to take up the financial slack, my darling husband is taking on the role that I once juggled along with my career outside the home...the car pool to and from school, homework time with our 8 year old, grocery shopping, laundry, baby sitting our amazing grand daughter. The transition has been a relatively smooth one with the exception of my difficulty accepting that, yes, there is more than one way to do something well. The kids are all getting off to school just fine. Homework is getting done. Meal times have been a delicious surprise. It is good to know that the Big Top can still perform well with my man doing some more of the juggling.

But this week has been a bit of a challenge for my amazing man. Our darling grand daughter shared  with her Papa the latest stomach bug going around. Her Mommy and her Papa assure me that it wasn't delightful when Hazel had last weekend when I was out of town; and it was even more unpleasant when her Mommy, then Daddy were struck down with it. Thank goodness I missed that bug! Thank goodness the rest of my circus act has missed it too! That's all our family needs after FINALLY getting the seasonal flu out of our house. Our circus act is definitely done with being sick for now...

And then, yesterday...my darling husband woke up with a fever and chills. When I came home from taking the younger kids to school and my run, he looked pale and was complaining of nausea, upset stomach and diarrhea along with the fever and chills. Poor baby, I sympathetically offer. So I take over all the juggling for the day so that my man can rest and try to get better. He sleeps through the day and night and wakes this morning feeling...pretty much the same as he did yesterday morning. Oh, ick! This is more than a 24 hour kind of thing. Poor baby, I offer with maybe a little less sympathy. Yesterday was a day off for me so I had time to juggle and be his nurse. Today I have to head out of town taking our dancing daughter to yet another dance competition this weekend. As I pack up and load up my car he weakly watches me.

"What about Hazel?", he asks

"Call her Mommy and tell her that you are sick, perhaps she can get a friend to look after her."

"What about the rest of the kids?"

Trying to be patient and sympathetic to the fact that he likely feels as bad as he looks right now I reply, "I'm sure the big kids can lend a hand. Just tell them they will have to."

He sighs, perhaps a little too dramatically I think. "I just don't know how I am supposed to take care of things around here when I am sick like this."

"You don't?"


"Did you ever wonder how I did it all these years when I was sick with one of those nasty bugs our little circus clowns would share with me?"

Long pause..."Um, no. No, I guess I never did."

"Well my darling," as I blow him a kiss goodbye from a distance (germs, you know), "now you will get to find out. Feel better honey. Get the big kids to help out. I love you!"

I should be more sympathetic. I really should be. But all I can do, as I head out on the road this weekend, is be thankful that my dancing daughter and I are not sick...yet.

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