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April 12, 2010

Blogging--Zero to Sixty in Two Months

Dreamstime_11656029My confession, now that I have been accepted to this nationally recognized blog site, is that I have only been blogging a couple of months. Granted, I have been extremely prolific as I pontificate and postulate on all things of interest to me. I was trying to get a co-worker to read my personal blog the other day and her response was "What makes you think that you have anything to say that other people would want to read?"

H-m-m-m. I don't know.

Another confession is that I am techno challenged and working on a steep learning curve. Now some people I know would argue that point because I am a so-called Ebay Powerseller. But that was a journey that took place over several years, not two months. In fact, I usually choose not to fast track when it comes to technology. Shopping for a new house phone recently, I was looking for something with a handset rather than a portable phone that looks like the television controller. As for my cell phone, I barely know how to place a call on it. But it doesn't bother me that I am behind the times because in my mind, innovation does not necessarily equate with improvement.

However now I need to techno gear up for the future sake of my blogging career. Fortunately, I have my boomerang thirty-something son who recently moved back home available to help me navigate the high tech seas I find myself drowning in. He is a sort of resident geek expert who sleeps in and commandeers guest rooms. My conversations with him go something like this: "Hey Scott, read this book I bought about Google search engine optimization and help me understand it" or "Scott, I need you to wake up and get the wireless connection working again." This is the price he must pay for moving back home at such an advanced age.

But blogging, besides keeping me busy, has helped me reconnect with my son on several levels. First, he gets to rescue me when I am stuck trying to figure out what the hell I am doing instead of cooking dinner. Second, I am leaving him a mini-legacy of what his Mom's life was all about. Oh yeah, and when he was looking at my newly posted 50-Something Mom's Bio today he said that he was "really proud of me."

A-h-h-h. Now I know.

Sharon is also staying busy blogging at Channeling Ricky. This is an original post to the

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