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April 15, 2010

Travels with My Mother


With the changing of the seasons it is time for me to plan an annual vacation with my mother. She is 88 years old and likes to cruise--on ocean liners, that is. We have taken a cruise together each of the last three years. It is my way of spending extended time with her as we do not see each other as often as we might.

Now Mom only wants to go on a cruise. She does not want to go somewhere that involves too much walking. Her aging knees make it hard for her to keep up with groups, or to walk an extended distance. She is no couch potato however. She wants to be at every cruise event on board ship and on a shore excursion in every port.

This year we are planning a trip to . Both of us have been on an Alaskan cruise before. I look forward to watching the beautiful scenery as we sail past. Mom looks forward to going to the Captain’s cocktail party and the evening shows. She complains that we might not find shore excursions that will be new to us. I tell her I will see if there is a dog sled ride we can go on. Traveling with my mother always gives me a new perspective on just about everything.

Last year, we had high tea at the in Victoria, British Columbia. We had a lovely time, sitting and chatting with two other ladies traveling together. A simple shore excursion became the highlight of our trip. Having tea in a grand Victorian hotel with my mother created a special memory for both of us. It is a memory I will treasure after mom is no longer available for cruising.

I am considering taking my 32 year old son along on this year’s cruise. He recently returned home to live after losing his job, so he is available for travel as well as work. He would enjoy going on his first cruise and seeing Alaska. I would give him the job of accompanying his grandmother when I go into Mom overload and perhaps just need a drink. 

Taking my son along would help me continue teaching him to honor all the moms in his life. Planning these annual trips with my mother is time consuming. It involves extending my finances and worrying about logistics for every aspect of the trip. But spending time with my mother is worthwhile and worth the effort. I want my son to know that the efforts we make for our parents come with their own rewards. Then maybe when I am 88, my son will still make time to be with me.

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