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April 15, 2010

Starting anew at 52

HofCards Being in my 50’s is turning out to be a rich time of personal growth.  Who knew?!

Unexpectedly derailed professionally at age 52, I slowed way down and took a big pause.  Standing in the rubble of what was, I saw how myopic I had been.  In being so committed to my mission to bringing the health and well-being benefits of yoga education to schools, I had sacrificed my own well-being and integrity.  I was so busy doing my work, that there was no space between responsibilities to enjoy life and be there for others.  I was out of alignment with my principles and goals and justifying it rather than addressing it. I knew the universal law of energy that states: the means = the end, but I was not abiding by it.  The how and what were not integrated and so, unsustainable.  The gap created a weakness and finally everything came tumbling down.  The good news is, according to the Mayan view of the world, I was right on schedule.  Mayan’s call year 52, the year of starting over, which I’ve done.  And what a blessing… 

 I work from home now, slowly growing my new business. I enjoy my beautiful life.  I have time to support and be there my husband, son and self.  I’ve even been able to get certified as a Family Constellation Facilitator and serve my community in a new and deeply fulfilling way.  I’m still dedicated to enhancing health and empowerment but I am careful to do so in a way that works for my life.  Instead of running, traveling, training, writing full-tilt for a national organization, I develop and produce yoga-based movement enrichment resources for pre-school children, families and pre-schools, which I sell myself.    I am focused on a niche and love how my work is evolving.  I see how much more of a contribution I am to everything when I sustain my own balanced state.  I am the poster child for the saying: we teach what we need to learn. 

 If I could put the big lesson in a nutshell, it is: BE - DO - HAVE.  Who/How you are Being sources how you Do things and creates what you Have.  If you are frazzled, stressed, not taking care of yourself, that energetic is in everything you do, creating results that are stressed, frazzled and eventually unsustainable.  As Moms, we know this is true because our children are mirrors to this universal law of energy!  My new compass is walking my talk and practicing what I preach.  After learning the hard way, it’s not a difficult choice.  And what I create embodies my joy, which I think it’s the magic ingredient of sustainable success. 

My message to readers, stop and fuel your self more regularly – as in hourly.  Pause, check in, breathe.  Ask yourself how you are really feeling.  Find out what state your kids are in, too.  Reflect back to them how they seem and name what’s going on for you so that they will be able to do so for themselves.  This self-awareness is the foundation of health and joy.  Then, learn and share with them the many tools and techniques that are available for nurturing and self-regulation.  There are many accessible practices and programs offered through yoga for kids, teens and families, I recommend starting there. It’s actually so easy to shift yourself into a feel-good state, what seems to be hard is choosing to take the time to do so.  We women need to launch a new paradigm and organize our lives such that well-being and self-care are way of being and something important to model for children, rather than something to get to after everything else.  

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