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May 27, 2010

Camp Vegas?


Sunday morning I sat down to read the newspaper. Generally, I flip quickly through the inserts to see the Target ads but this morning there was a magazine insert called Camp Vegas for Grownups. My husband has wanted to take a get away trip to Las Vegas for ages. It’s a never held any attraction for me; not a gambler, not big into shows, hate high heat. But I thought I should check it out. A trip to Vegas would make a nice surprise for our anniversary this year.

So consider the cover photo - a young woman with 0.0% body fat in a string bikini, in her early 20s. And, the title is Camp Vegas. Best I can tell from the photos in the rest of the magazine, all the women who go to Vegas bring bikinis and evening gowns, have hair half way down their back, breast enhancements and aren’t a day over 25. Well, except for Cher, there was an ad for Cher, who is performing at Caesars Palace. Based on the Photoshopping, cosmetic enhancements and whatever, I think Cher is, oh 30? Gee, I think I’d fit right in with my Lands End Slender Suit.

According to a recent article in The New York Times, Boom Time for Boomer Models, the Ford Agency now has 54 “classic models” (models over age 40.) Apparently this is a record number, reflecting the fact there are so many (gasp) baby boomers these days. Too bad the Camp Vegas crew didn’t capture in this fact. Especially considering the average aged visitor to Las Vegas is 50 according to the

Ah, I know, whom the supporters of this magazine were really targeting - my young adult children. I should pay to send them to Vegas summer camp, as though they were 10 and DIDN’T NEED A SUMMER JOB. They deserve some relaxation from all the stress of life. They need to stay in lovely, luxury hotels rooms, reduce tension in spas, and eat fabulous food to ease life stresses.

So, I guess, I’ll have to reconsider the anniversary plan. Las Vegas clearly isn’t the place for me. Guess we’ll settle for football on TV, steaks on the grill, a glass of wine, bed by 10:00.

Nancy is still trying to think of a funner way to celebrate her anniversary and blogging at Just the Right Things.

photo by Bob Townsend