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May 27, 2010

The other mother in my house

Pasta I decided to make spaghetti for dinner last night, because I was tired and it's an easy meal.  I heaved the big pot full of water onto the stove. I started browning the (organic) ground beef in the frying pan. I chopped the onion and garlic. Oh dear... no tomatoes -- I'd forgotten that I'd given them to my mom to serve to a friend during cocktail hour.  Sigh. That's why I keep canned tomatoes on hand. What? No canned tomatoes either? A 6-ounce can of tomato paste wasn't going to cut it.

Water boiling, beef browning, onion sauteeing ...  aha! a can of Pxxxxxxxo tomato soup. Hearty!  Okay then. Desperate times call for desperate measures and Necessity IS the Mother of Invention.  I emptied the contents of the can into the frying pan and braced myself for the inevitable complaints at the dinner table.

"This is really good, Mom!"  "You changed the seasoning. I like it."  "Best sauce ever, Mom." "Can I have some more, please?" (Yes, my 12-year-old actually said "please.")  I should have known: They like Necessity's sauce better than mine.

But that's not surprising, because Necessity is a much better mom than I am.  She's a more creative cook; she makes awesome costumes; and she can fix anything. 

Mom, remember that time I needed a sword for the class play and you ...  I wasn't going to stop at Tarjay on the way to school and buy a sword. But Necessity found some foam poster board and cut and painted a very cool medieval sword -- in less than 45 minutes.

Mom, remember when I was the Headless Horseman for Halloween ... I refuse to buy Halloween costumes, but Necessity knew how to cut that old plastic pumpkin open to use as a mask.

Mom, remember when I broke [fill in the blank] ... I was really mad, but Necessity stepped in and managed to fix it. Well, maybe not FIX it, but she made it look okay and/or got it working again.

I like to think of myself as a good mom: I keep the boys safe, I teach them the values I hold dear, I make sure they brush their teeth and clean their rooms. But when I'm frustrated, mad, in a pinch, or just plain tired, I sure am glad that Necessity is around to step in and be the Mother my boys need at the moment they need her.

An original post for 50-Something Moms by Alicia, who blogs out of necessity at Forever Changed.