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June 15, 2010

Sat Down to Write a Post


I sat down to write a post for 50-Something Moms blog and here’s what happened:  

  1. Walked into my office, opened Word.
  2. Always Singing Daughter came in and wanted to know what happened to the granola we bought two days ago. Went to investigate and recalled old, senile lab, Ginger, pulled open the drawer where it was and ate it along with a baguette and half a loaf of sandwich bread.
  3. Went to add sandwich bread to grocery list.
  4. Wrote three words for blog.
  5. Realized it was 11am and Always Sleeping Son was once again sleeping the day away. Went to get him up. Put towels in dryer.
  6. Came back to study, realized I needed to take photo to go along with blog post. Went to get camera. Side tracked by kids questions. Went back to study, forgot camera. Wrote five more words.
  7. Heard son and daughter in kitchen, went to let them know I would like son to hook up DVR to TV and daughter to wash car.
  8. Go back to study.
  • Always Singing Daughter wants to know what hose to use to wash car. Get up to show her how to connect extra hose so it will reach driveway. Send her to get nozzle for hose in front yard. She can’t find it. Go look. It is attached to front hose.
  • Go back to study.
  • Always Singing Daughter wants to know what soap to use, where is scrub brush?
  • Write ten words.
  • Dogs start barking, hear yelling. Always Singing Daughter comes to report there is prairie dog in our garage. Try to get prairie dog out of garage by spreading birdseed in driveway. Prairie dog does not want to leave.
  • Call city animal control. Go through extensive message menu that directs me to State Division of Wildlife. Call Division of Wildlife and hear messages about fishing licenses. Can’t figure out how to talk to a person. Write two more words for blog.
  • Go see if prairie dog has left. He hasn’t. Notice Always Singing Daughter washed car with hand sanitizer.
  • Hungry. Eat a handful of cheddar sour cream potato chips and a piece of red licorice.
  • Back to computer. Check email.
  • Type a sentence.
  • Go investigate another crazily barking dog before Dog Hating Neighbor can complain. Discover dog dropped toy in window well. Hide toy. Complete it in 15 minutes.
  • Go to garage and discover prairie dog has left – think I might want to go with him.
  • This is an original 50-Something Moms Blog post.

    When Nancy is not holding on the phone with the Division of Wildlife she is blogging at Just the Right Things.