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July 06, 2010

goodbye 50

It's kind of awkward that I am saying goodbye to 50-Something Moms Blog before I even turn 50, but I am. Much to the surprise of many of its 800+ (past and present) writers, The Silicon Valley Moms Group founders announced that all of its blogs, including 50-Something Moms Blog would be ending at the end of this month. The announcement did come as a  huge shock to many as was evident by the email responses of many of the SV Moms Group writers but reading the email that we all received earlier this month, it was clear that this was a very emotional, very difficult and painful decision. Of course in the beginning, some of us did not accept this decision too graciously. Change, especially sudden change is hard. It's scary. It's unnerving as we wonder what else is going to happen now that this has happened? It is the rare person who openly embraces changes like this. I am definitely not one of those people and I was clearly in the majority of the writers and bloggers of SV Moms Group who struggled with the shock, surprise and disappointment of the news.

Still I couldn't help but think that as women who better to accept and embrace this change? We are genetically wired to handle nothing but change, major change practically our entire lives. As little girls our bodies morph, sometimes painfully, while the hormones rage and our emotions twist and turn and we become women. It isn't too long when we find our bodies stretching and growing in impossible ways as we house life that we help to create. What pregnant woman hasn't looked at her hugely pregnant belly and wondered if it will burst open because it sure as hell isn't going to get any bigger...is it? It does get bigger and bigger. Then our bodies continue the major upheaval as we birth those babies. During all this crazy-assed physical changing our minds change too. I swear nothing changes our thinking, our beliefs, our values more than when we give and sustain a life with our bodies. It's insane, I tell you. And while we go a little bit insane thanks to sleep deprivations, morphing post-partum bodies and those crazy, stupid hormones again, we somehow to manage and to many watching on the outside, make it all look so damn easy. Then just when we come to a place where we enjoy this life being a girl, or at least grudgingly accept it, our bodies freak out again, the hormones rage a little then rage a lot then flame out and we find ourselves looking around a little dazed and wondering WTF was that? Puberty is just a whiny toddler compared to that Menopause bitch. Again, we survive and although we may know the truth, we manage to look graceful...yeah a little sweaty thanks to hot flashes, but we still look lovely and graceful. At least I have been told that while I am weathering through this stage. We women are all about change whether we like it or not...and we seem to do it well...so say the men in our lives, and, well, they are right.

As the days have quickly passed this month, we have vented, mourned, offered virtual hugs and well wishes and have begun to figure out ways to keep in touch and keep this venture going or at least something that resembles it whether it is at new sites or our own personal blogs. SV Moms Group was abundantly endowed with talented, amazing writers so it is good to see some beginning to accept the change and go on to the next writing/blogging opportunity and adventure. My time was all too brief having only had the honor to write for them for five months but it was a great time. I loved the challenge and I can only hope that my writing has continued to grow and develop all the more because of it. To the founders and partners of the Silicon Valley Moms Blog and Silicon Valley Moms Group, I offer my best wishes for wherever the road takes you and I thank you for allowing me to be a small part of great group of witty, wise, talented, opinionated blogging women and men. I'm ready to look to the next adventure and I am sure that I will be sharing it over at Adventures In Juggling.

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