Azithromycin Tablets as Periodontal Treatment

When it comes to treating periodontal infections doctors traditionally prescribe a combination of amoxicillin and metronidazole. Often times these drugs, also called adjunctive treatment, are the most common choice of medication that goes together with the first step of periodontal therapy. However, it was recently discovered that metronidazole and amoxicillin together when it comes to treating periodontal infections as compared with using azithromycin tablets alone. The drugs azithromycin tablets are not only antibiotic medications but also drugs that possess immune-modulating and inflammatory capabilities. These amazing benefits are absent even with the combination of metronidazole and amoxicillin. Due to this, azithromycin tablets were studied as an effective alternative treatment for periodontal infections.

Clinical studies were designed where patients were allowed to take azithromycin tablets for 3 days. The results showed better results than those who took metronidazole and amoxicillin together in 7 days. And since the dosage of azithromycin tablets needed to treat the infections is 12 times lesser than the combination of amoxicillin and metronidazole, the latter drugs have higher chances of developing bacterial resistance as compared with azithromycin tablets. And since the benefits of using azithromycin tablets is more beneficial, it is therefore more effective and efficient to use azithromycin tablets instead of the traditional combination of the medications mentioned above.

How about the side effects? Of course we do talk a lot about the benefits of the antibiotics and what it can do for us, but we should not forget about the side effects. No matter how good a drug might seem to be, if the side effects are not bearable then the reason alone could make a drug not worth it to use. However, with so much amazing benefits of using azithromycin tablets the thing that made it even better is that is have lesser side effects than the traditional metronidazole amoxicillin combo.

Patients with severe cases of periodontal infections and those who do not respond to the therapy were also prescribed with azithromycin tablets and the medication has somehow improved their health condition. A lot of patients were able to hasten their recover thanks to azithromycin tablets. A number of reports were periodontal health was improved was contributed to the use of azithromycin tablets for treatment. It also helps patients to manage their periodontal condition with the single course of azithromycin tablets.

The drug azithromycin tablets are an antibiotic medication which is almost the same with erythromycin. Azithromycin tablets were first created in 1980 but were only released in the market way back in 2004. The drug has been formulated to treat other bacterial infections as well as problems linked with inflammations. Due to its immuno modulatory and anti inflammatory capabilities, azithromycin tablets have been the popular treatment for asthma and cystic fibrosis.

Azithromycin tablets can have other uses not mentioned in this article, given that you have the permission from your doctor. In order to take the optimum benefits of azithromycin tablets, it is extremely important that you work together with your doctor during treatment.