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Plyometric Training Basics. Part 2

There is great variability possible in plyometrics, limited only by knowledge and creativity of the coach or practitioner. Choose exercises that simulate part or all of the movements used in the sport. Choosing the safest and most effective exercises requires an intimate knowledge of movement in a given sport, and the direction force must be applied to facilitate the movement. An experienced strength and conditioning coach or trainer who doesn’t specialize in your particular sport can watch video of a sport and pick up on the main movements requiring speed and decide which specific plyometric exercises can be chosen. If an athlete has a particularly weak area of his or her game, emphasis can be placed on that movement.

Plyometrics for lower body can include: jumping, bounding, rebounding after dropping from a height (depth drops), weight-release jumps, hopping on one leg. Any of these can be performed for vertical height or vertical distance. They can also be performed in place, forward, backward or laterally. To perform weight-release jumps, hold weights in the hands and drop them as the feet leave the ground during the jump. The idea in all these methods is to rebound as rapidly as possible.

Upper body and midsection plyometrics include some of the same techniques, but primarily use medicine balls for catching and throwing in various directions with a partner, bouncing off a wall or rebounding trampoline or doing twisting movements with a medicine ball with ropes.

Volume and intensity of plyometric training must initially be low and increase over time. Within the athletes’ program, the volume of training and the intensity are inversely proportional. Bounding drills are less intense than single-leg hops, which are less intense than depth drops. The intensity of depth drops is directly proportional to the height of the jumping platform. In medicine-ball drills, intensity varies directly with the weight of the ball and the speed with which it is thrown, bounced or dropped. Continue reading “Plyometric Training Basics. Part 2” »

Plyometric Training Basics. Part 1

Originally developed in East Bloc countries, plyometric exercises are used to translate the increased strength from resistance training into increased speed and power. Although plyometrics are designed for intermediate and advanced athletes, they may be able to help you improve your game.

Beginners in fitness need to go slowly to learn proper exercise technique. Improper exercise technique increases the risk of injury. Since the fitness level of each participant is unknown and there is less supervision, there is an increased risk of injury, especially if the participant has pre-existing injuries. Therefore, the risk of use in general fitness classes are too great when related to the benefits. Coaches in athletic events can gauge whether the athlete is ready for plyometrics and closely watch their technique to avoid injury.

In athletics, as well as general fitness training, there are five stages of development. The first stage is neuromuscular facilitation, also called kinesthetic awareness. This stage involves learning to control how the body moves. The second stage is developing muscular endurance, which allows a person to be able to complete the workout routine without undue fatigue. The third and fourth stages (increased muscle mass and increased strength [the ability to exert increased force]) occur at about the same time. The fifth and final stage is development of power, which is strength with speed. The fifth stage is where plyometrics is used most effectively and requires prior development of the other four athletic qualities. Continue reading “Plyometric Training Basics. Part 1” »

Exercise Boosts Immunity in Stomach Cancer Patients

Research has shown that exercise may help to build up the immune system of cancer patients just days after having their stomach tumors removed, which may help them to prolong life and prevent the cancer from spreading.

In a study, researchers looked at 35 stomach cancer patients who had surgery to remove their tumors. Two days after surgery, 17 patients participated in a fitness program that included simple exercises for three days a week. When the patients fully recovered from surgery, they worked out on stationary bicycles for five days a week. Researchers found that the patients who exercised two days after surgery had more immune cells than patients who didn’t exercise, and the exercise group continued to show significantly stronger immune function two weeks after surgery.

Researchers believe that an impaired immune function may allow cancer to grow in the body, but exercise may be a way to boost immune cells, keep cancer from spreading and help patients live longer.

How to Take Furosemide Potassium

Furosemide potassium is an effective medication to remove excess fluid in the body caused by fluid retention. Often times conditions that are linked to heart problems, circulatory disorders, and kidney problems can all contribute to fluid retention. This excess build up of fluid is caused by a leaky walls of the blood vessels triggered with pressure. If not treated, fluid build up can cause swelling to certain areas of the body, as well as lead to other complications. So far only Furosemide potassium has been proven effective to cure fluid retention. However, to take advantage of Furosemide potassium you need to know how take the drug properly which will be shortly discussed in this article.

Read the labels

Often times when you buy Furosemide potassium from pharmacies you will see a leaflet that comes along with the drug. It is advised that you read the leaflet as it contains the general instructions about how to take Furosemide potassium. It also includes other vital information such as the drug’s indications, possible side effects, drug ingredients, precautions, patient safety information, and many others. The leaflets, in general, will provide you basic knowledge about Furosemide potassium and what you might expect during treatment. This way you will have an idea about Furosemide potassium and you will be knowledgeable about the medications you are taking.

Follow your doctor’s advice Continue reading “How to Take Furosemide Potassium” »

Nolvadex Tamoxifen Indications and Safety Information

Breast cancer is remains a life-threatening condition among the female population around the world. For decades, it has continued to affect women with increasing numbers. In fact, breast cancer does not only affect those who are genetically predisposed but also those who do not even a family history of it. Chemotherapy, surgery and drugs like nolvadex tamoxifen remain as the most effective weapons so far and has ever since increased the life span of those who were affected, and helped the prevention of the onset of the cancer for those who are at high risk. Nolvadex tamoxifen is the popular choice of treatment because it has been proven safe and effective against breast tumors.

Nolvadex tamoxifen is known as an estrogen antagonist drug, although some people know it as an anti-estrogen. Actually, nolvadex tamoxifen do not supress the production of the estrogen but instead, it only hinders it from combining with the receptor cells which later on form the tumor. Unlike the other similar drugs, the advantage of nolvadex tamoxifen is that there is no suppression of estrogen production so your body can still benefit its functions. Remember that cancer cells are fed through the female hormone, and by preventing it from reaching through the receptor sites, the formation of breast tumors are halted. Nolvadex tamoxifen acts like estrogen by combining with the receptor cells so that estrogen can no longer have the chance to unite with them. Once the nolvadex tamoxifen drug is able to unite with the tumor positive sites, it does not help the tumor progress. Continue reading “Nolvadex Tamoxifen Indications and Safety Information” »

Azithromycin Tablets as Periodontal Treatment

When it comes to treating periodontal infections doctors traditionally prescribe a combination of amoxicillin and metronidazole. Often times these drugs, also called adjunctive treatment, are the most common choice of medication that goes together with the first step of periodontal therapy. However, it was recently discovered that metronidazole and amoxicillin together when it comes to treating periodontal infections as compared with using azithromycin tablets alone. The drugs azithromycin tablets are not only antibiotic medications but also drugs that possess immune-modulating and inflammatory capabilities. These amazing benefits are absent even with the combination of metronidazole and amoxicillin. Due to this, azithromycin tablets were studied as an effective alternative treatment for periodontal infections.

Clinical studies were designed where patients were allowed to take azithromycin tablets for 3 days. The results showed better results than those who took metronidazole and amoxicillin together in 7 days. And since the dosage of azithromycin tablets needed to treat the infections is 12 times lesser than the combination of amoxicillin and metronidazole, the latter drugs have higher chances of developing bacterial resistance as compared with azithromycin tablets. And since the benefits of using azithromycin tablets is more beneficial, it is therefore more effective and efficient to use azithromycin tablets instead of the traditional combination of the medications mentioned above. Continue reading “Azithromycin Tablets as Periodontal Treatment” »

Can Amoxicillin Be Used to Treat Tonsillitis?

Tonsillitis is among the most common type of infection in the tonsils, followed by pharyngitis or infection of the pharynx. Both of these conditions are so common in the United States and other countries, which have affected a vast number of individuals every year. The infection of both the tonsils and pharynx is referred to as tonsillopharyngitis. Most people might ask what is the appropriate treatment of tonsillitis? And can amoxicillin treat this infection? In this article, we will only provide you a short and simple explanation to this.

Generally, tonsillitis is caused by viral illnesses infected with rhinovirus, coxsackievirus, coronavirus, adenovirus, echovirus, Epstein-Barr virus, and many others. Since these are viral the question can amoxicillin treat tonsillitis may have an answer for a no. However, there are also variations of tonsillitis which are caused by bacterial infections. Among the most common type of bacterium that triggers this illness is haemolytic streptococci. This type of microorganism has been linked to meningitis, rheumatic fever, peritonsillar abscess, necrotizing fascilitis, and many others. Among the other less popular bacteria are Neisseria gonorrhoeae, Haemophilus influenza, Corynebacterium diphtheriae, and Moraxella catarrhalis. Since there are cases of tonsillitis caused by bacteria, therefore amoxicillin can indeed cure such infection. Continue reading “Can Amoxicillin Be Used to Treat Tonsillitis?” »

Special Precautions When Taking Furosemide 40 mg

Also known for its brand name Lasix, furosemide 40 mg has helped a number of people around the world who have struggled with water retention problems due to certain disorders such as heart or kidney problems. Furosemide 40 mg is the most popular and effective treatment for fluid build-ups. Aside from serious problems like heart disorders, water retention can also be caused by simply insect bites, and if not treated will result to swelling and inflammations of the affected areas of the body.

In order to receive the optimum healing results from furosemide 40 mg, you need to know first certain precautions prior of treatment. Often times your doctor will inform you what to do before and during treatment, and what possible side effects can be expected when taking furosemide 40 mg. Although most drugs certainly have side effects, a lot of people taking furosemide 40 mg found minimal side effects because they have taken it appropriately and as instructed. This article will inform you some of the basic information and precautions you need to learn about furosemide 40 mg which your doctor might be missing out. Continue reading “Special Precautions When Taking Furosemide 40 mg” »

HGH Supplements Puts Health in Health Supplements

If you are looking to becoming healthier by taking health supplements, you will be amazed to how many different types of health supplements are actually available.  Some of these supplements are catered to particular parts or system of the body and requires certain nutrients whereas others are more of like vitamins that provide benefit for the whole body.  However, if you really are serious in trying to become healthy and play it a bit smart, you will choose HGH supplements because HGH supplements are actually the health supplements that puts health in them.

HGH supplements can actually be considered as a hormonal supplement because it in fact triggers the increased production of growth hormones in the body.  But since the overall effect of HGH supplements in the body is actually aimed towards health, HGH supplements can also be considered as health supplements.

What makes HGH supplements good for the body is that once the increase in growth hormone in the body has been met, you will be able to take advantage of the many properties you enjoyed during your youth – the time when HGH production by the pituitary gland was at its peak.  If you can recall how during your youth you seemed to have limitless stamina and energy, better focus and memory, have the ability to recover from disease or injury much faster, and have a more vibrant looking complexion.  Well, these are all due to the effect of having elevated levels of growth hormones.  Sadly, the production of growth hormone wanes as we grow older, which is why we are no longer able to benefit from their overall effect.

Continue reading “HGH Supplements Puts Health in Health Supplements” »

Get Propecia Generic and Stop Your Hair Fall

For men who have unfortunately inherited the balding condition of male pattern baldness will start to lose their hair at a certain point in their life.  This becomes a concern especially when they are nearing that age.  The truth is, the behind-the-scenes action from androgenic alopecia can happen in as early as your twenties.  It’s just that the manifestation of hair fall has not just occurred yet.

The usual sign of male pattern baldness is the receding of hairline at the forehead and temples, as well as the loss of hair on top of the head.  Prior to hair fall, the scalp near the temple and crown becomes visible through the hair.  This is because the hair strands have become thin due to the narrowing of the opening of the hair follicles in those areas.  They become narrowed due to the excessive levels of dihydrotestosterone present in the scalp.  The thinning of the hair follicles happens gradually up until a point that it is no longer able to support hair.  As the hair follicle gets thinner, the hair strand it produces becomes thinner.  Once it is very thin, it becomes to fragile and unable to support the weight of hair.  This is the point where the hair follicle undergoes a state of sleep.

On average, a normal person can lose up to 100 hairs per day.  This is actually quite normal.  For men who however are losing more than that per day, their dreaded balding process has started and that person will eventually lose all his hair on the head if he does not do certain measures about it. Continue reading “Get Propecia Generic and Stop Your Hair Fall” »