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Your Skin and That Time of the Month

Debbi Gardiner, 30, of San Francisco, Calif., gets an unpleasant reminder each month that her period is coming. Two or three days beforehand, the psoriasis on her scalp gets worse, and she breaks out in eczema.

“It’s always in the same place; it’s always on my neck and my knuckles,” she says.

Catherine Schlueter, 32, of Fort Worth, Texas, finds that the chronic hives she has suffered from for the last 10 years get worse in the days before her period.

“Right around the time of my period, I break out really badly, starting with my feet,” she says.

Both women say their skin problems stop as soon as their periods start.

With the emotional depression and weight gain common in the days before a woman’s period, an exacerbation of a skin problem is the last thing most women need at that time of the month.

But it’s exactly what some women will get. Continue reading “Your Skin and That Time of the Month” »

Older Drivers: When to Hang Up the Car Keys?

When is it time to hang up the car keys and drive no more?

  • To many younger people, it’s when you show the first sign of gray hair.
  • To adult sons and daughters, it’s the first time you misplace something in their presence.
  • To society at large, it should be at age 65.

But for the vast majority of mature adults, none of the above is true.

Age itself doesn’t determine your driving ability. There are people in their 100% who hold licenses and drive well, while there are others in their 60% who are nearly incompetent behind the wheel. Continue reading “Older Drivers: When to Hang Up the Car Keys?” »