Don’t Allow Androgenic Alopecia to Take Control – Use Finasteride Generic

Androgenic alopecia is commonly known as male pattern baldness and it is the balding condition that a lot of men suffer from.  The condition is known to be hereditary in nature, so if you have any close and immediate family that has it, say your father, brother, or uncle, then there is a likelihood that the genetic trait has also been passed to you.  If this is the case, it will only take time before the condition manifests itself through the receding of hairline and loss of hair at the top of the head.

There are actually three key factors needed to trigger androgenic alopecia – age, heredity, and hormones.  There isn’t actually anything you can do about age and heredity because they are simply a fact of life you have to live with.  However, with hormones, there may actually be a chance in altering, deviating, or inhibiting such to actually stop male pattern baldness from occurring.  This is where finasteride 1mg comes in.  Finasteride 1ng is a drug that limits the production of the hormone dihydrotestosterone, the hormone responsible in the thinning of hair follicles.  Finasteride to date is the only approved medication for androgenic alopecia by the FDA.

Finasteride is actually a medication that needs to be taken continuously in order to benefit from its effect.  The problem though is that taking the branded drug, Propecia each day throughout can be an expensive remedy for some.  But to stop at some point after taking the medication will simply result in the recurrence of the balding condition.  If you are on a tight budget or are simply budget conscious, then you may want to use finasteride generic.  This generic version of Propecia is just as equally effective, yet it is only at a fraction of the price.  Instead of simply stopping your hair loss medication at some point and allowing androgenic alopecia to take control over your hair, finasteride generic may just be the best alternative you have.

There are people who give generic medications some raised eyebrows as they doubt their effectiveness; something which cannot be dismissed nor denied.  The truth is there are actually a lot of men who use finasteride generic in treating their hair loss issues and nearly all of them are satisfied with the treatment effect that finasteride generic has to offer.  Many of them will even attest to the effectiveness of finasteride generic when it comes to the treatment of male pattern baldness.  The reason for this is that, even if finasteride generic is a generic medication in nature, it still uses the same ingredients that the branded hair loss drug uses.  This basically means that the effect of both branded medication and finasteride generic should be equal and the same.

For many, there is actually no issue whether to use branded or generic drugs.  As long as they are able to benefit from the effect of the drug they are using, everything is fine with them.  What is important though is that they do not allow androgenic alopecia to take control of their precious hair.  So whether you are on a budget or are simply wanting to spend your money wisely on hair loss medications, think finasteride generic.