Erectile Dysfunction: Underlying Causes and Vardenafil Tablets

Erectile Dysfunction, or sometimes called ED or impotence, is a kind of disorder which can be disruptive in a man’s self-esteem and romantic relationships. Men who lose the ability to satisfy their partners sexually often feel rejected, depressed, angry and extremely unhappy with their condition which could be unhealthy in his life. Aside from psychological issues, the transient cases of impotency have also been proven to contribute negative impact on the overall health among the male group. Thus, ED should be taken seriously and dealt accordingly with the available therapy or treatment. Most men who suffer serious erectile dysfunction would definitely opt for these available treatments and have, somehow, experienced a certain level of relief from the condition. One of these treatments may include sex therapy and a dose of ED drugs, such as vardenafil tablets.

Impotency Defined

Erection Dysfunction is the inability of a man to maintain or perform erection of the penis during sexual arousal. Normally, the brain transmits signals toward the nerves found around the penis when a man is sexually excited. This results to increased blood flow to the penis, expanding and hardening the tissue surrounding the male organ. Therefore, any forms of activities or illness that cause blockage of blood flow towards the penile tissues will certainly result to erection failure.

Biggest Factors Behind Impotency

While it is true that symptoms are mostly experienced by older men, certain cases of ED have also been observed among the younger group. Therefore, age is actually not the biggest factor behind impotency; blames can be put on certain psychological issues, unhealthy lifestyle, and physical injuries or illnesses.

If you are currently suffering Erectile Dysfunction, it is vital for you to know the possible root cause why the disorder has affected you so that you and your healthcare provider can come up with the most appropriate strategy to treat the symptoms.

Physical Illnesses

Certain illnesses or physical disorders that directly affect delivery of enough blood to the penis include: cardiovascular diseases, such as blood vessels or heart problems; diabetes, a condition characterized by high glucose content of the blood which greatly affects blood supply towards the male organ; high blood pressure; injuries of the spinal cord; Parkinson’s disease, a disorder that affects coordination of body movements; stroke; multiple sclerosis; hormonal imbalances like Cushing’s syndrome, hypogonadism, and an overactive or underactive thyroid gland; and anatomical disorders such as Peyronie’s disease, a condition characterized by the deformation of penile tissues.

Psychological Factors

Psychological issues can often hinder a man and his partner from initiating sex. In fact, it is the major cause why younger men experience untimely impotency. Problems with relationships, peers, and certain emotional issues can frequently lead to depression, anxiety or fear, and the feeling of rejection. Other factors of impotency also come from the lack of knowledge about sex, past sexual abuse or problems, communication problems with sexual partner, and being engaged into a new relationship.

Negative Habits

If you want to save your erection, perhaps this can be your great motivation to stop your bad habits and switch on to healthy living. Negative habits that can potentially shut your sexual libidos down include the use of illegal drugs, heavy smoking, and frequent drinking of alcohol.

Aside from the factors mentioned above, taking medications for certain ailments, such as heart problems, blood pressure, and kidney disorders, which can affect blood flow or cause neurogenic or hormonal problem can also contribute to Erectile Dysfunction. Nevertheless, you don’t have to stop these treatments unless your doctor tells you to do so.

Possible Treatments

If you have already acquired ED, you don’t have to suffer the ill condition forever. Your doctor can advise you with therapies as well as certain medications to treat or provide a level of relief from the symptoms. Often times, vardenafil tablets combined with other therapies is a good choice to boost sexual life. But take note that the medications won’t be as effective if you yourself will have difficulties in stimulating sexual desires.

You don’t have to be trapped in a hopeless situation. Consult your doctor for appropriate treatment, switch to a healthy lifestyle, and most importantly, always keep a positive outlook in life.