Levitra Vardenafil HCl – Considered by Many as the Perfect ED Treatment Drug

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the sexual curse for men with highly active sex life.  Even if you hardly have any sex life, there is hardly any man who will voluntarily want to develop this male sexual condition.  This is because sex gives man pleasure – a joy for his manhood.  To suffer from such a condition is not just embarrassing, but it may also be a question of his manhood because the primary sexual organ that makes him a man is no longer functioning.  Simply put, there is nothing good in gaining this erectile condition as it only brings the man who acquires it pain, suffering, embarrassment, and the overall lack of ability to please and sexually satisfy his sexual partner.

Back in 1998, a groundbreaking drug was introduced to the public.  This highly innovative drug was called Viagra and it has taken the world of men with ED problems by storm.  Nearly 5 years later, another ED treatment drug was introduced and follows the same classification of Viagra – PDE5 inhibitor drugs.  This new drug, Levitra vardenafil HCl, actually raised the level for ED treatment that Viagra has brought.

It has been said that Levitra vardenafil HCl is far more effective than Viagra and this was visibly shown through different surveys conducted by different scientific fields and groups.  While the difference in effectiveness between Levitra vardenafil HCl is not that substantial as different ED drug users claim it to be, the winning difference is nevertheless in the favor of Levitra vardenafil HCl as it scores an efficacy rating of 86% while Viagra only scores 84%.

The 2% difference in between Levitra vardenafil HCl and Viagra may not seem much for those viewing the effectiveness comparison score.  It does however mean a lot when you will be the one using the drug because you definitely would not want to fall under the 2% insignificant percent that Viagra cannot treat.  While PDE5 inhibitor drugs will not be able to treat all forms of erectile dysfunction, they however can treat most of them, with vardenafil HCl taking the top charts when it comes to overall effectiveness.

When comparing both Levitra vardenafil HCl with Viagra, the usual outcome is that Levitra vardenafil HCl comes out on top.  This is because it is not just in the effectiveness rating that Levitra vardenafil HCl outclasses its main competition, but it also bests it when it comes to being the fastest acting.  In fact, Levitra vardenafil HCl is the fastest-acting ED treatment drug available to date.  Whereas its competition requires you to take their drug at least 1 hour prior to any scheduled sexual intercourse, Levitra vardenafil 20mg takes full effect in as short as 20 minutes.  This makes the use of vardenafil HCl ideal when it comes to unscheduled sexual intercourses because the short 20 minutes it takes to take full effect can ideally be used for long passionate foreplays.  For just these main two reasons, it is essentially no wonder why many consider Levitra vardenafil HCl as the perfect ED treatment drug.