What Is Dapoxetine Priligy For?

Aside from erectile dysfunction, premature climaxing can also be an annoying problem for most men as it prevents them from completely enjoying a sexual intimacy with their partners. Premature ejaculation, or PE, is a common male disorder wherein a man is able to ejaculate sooner than he would like. It can be a problem for a man aging 18 years and above as well as for their partners who would like to have satisfying sex. Often times PE can be blamed to psychological issues, but the disorder can be also caused by biological problems. A man can have premature climaxing throughout his lifetime, or developed the disorder after a time where he is still able to have a satisfying sexual life. Whatever the reason behind a man’s coming too quickly problems, PE can be solved nowadays with dapoxetine priligy.

Dapoxetine priligy is originally a depressant which later discovered as an effective weapon against premature climaxing. After several studies and clinical trials, dapoxetine priligy has been proven as an effective treatment for men having problems with untimely ejaculation. It is the first and only drug treatment intended to treat men having PE problems. When you take dapoxetine priligy, you will start to appreciate its effects after an hour and last for about six hours.

According to a study, men having low levels of serotonin are likely to develop fast ejaculation. Thus, your levels of serotonin in the body can help you fasten or shorten your ejaculation latency. That is why men having some serotonin deficiency will likely experience PE all throughout their lifetime.

So how does dapoxetine priligy? The drug basically functions by boosting the amount of serotonin, a chemical responsible for delaying ejaculatory time. Dapoxetine priligy simply halts a process that breaks down serotonin so you can have a lot of them floating around your system, thus you can have control of your ejaculation. Moreover, dapoxetine priligy is also safer than any other antidepressant medications because it does not keep your serotonin at high levels for longer time since this can cause sleepiness and the loss of sexual drive. In the long term, the chemistry of the body might be changed with high serotonin levels for a long time.

According to clinical trials, dapoxetine priligy can increase ejaculation period by 300% with a 300mg dosage. However, take note that a higher dosage might expose you to a lot or risks as compared with taking a smaller dose. Thus, we recommend you to begin a small dose if it is your first time to take dapoxetine priligy. If you do not see any effects, try to increase the dosing gradually until you are able to achieve the desired results.

Ever since of its release in the market, a lot of men were able to appreciate the effects of dapoxetine priligy. Most of the guys mentioned about having more control over their ejaculatory time and enjoy an intimate moment with their partners with longer-lasting ejaculations. They were also able to understand the response of their body so they can easily tell what’s going on while they have dapoxetine priligy floating around their system.